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Louisbourg Peasants

Lyrics & Laughter - Cape Breton Musical Performance at Louisbourg, NS

On Friday morning we were all kind of tired from our long day and the boat ride. Emma crawled in with Manon and I got up. I thoughfully closed the bedroom door so that Manon and Emma would not be disturbed by my rustling about. I made coffee, let the dog out then walked over to the shower building next to our site. A few minutes later, while I was busy taking care of business, a gentleman poked his head in the door of the washroom and in a raised voice asked, "Is there a Mr. Andy in here?" I replied, sort of lost as to why someone was calling my name at such a sacred moment. With the same raised voice he said, "Your wife is locked in the camper!" Well, with this limited information and my broken concentration from the task at hand, it took me a couple of moments to kind of digest what had ben announced to everyone in the washrooms and probably about half the campground as well. I'm actually pretty pleased with how quickly it dawned on me - So that the bedroom door would not swing open by itself, it carefully latched it - FROM OUTSIDE THE ROOM. The only thing I could think to answer the gentleman was, " Well, she'll have to wait 'cause I'm busy." When I was done I did my best to display some dignity as a wondered outside to see Manon and Emma glaring at me with their eyes crossed. You see they had some morning needs that needed attention also!

The Louisbourg Fortress, A National Historic Site, is a must see. This is the Louisbourg that you learned about in your Canadian History class, remember? 1745ish? The French built a fortification to protect their east coast fishing and trading interests. Anyway, the actual ruins of this fort were excavated by the Federal Government in the 60's and 70's and based on what they found and thanks to preserved detailed records by the French, much is known about exactly who and what was where. 1/5 of the original fortress and buildings have been rebuilt. Locals reenact the summer of 1745 complete with french military, fishermen, peasants and business people. A fascinating glimpse at our history. We were entertained by peasant musicians right up 'til closing time.

That evening, we walked over to the Louisbourg playhouse for the Lyrics and Laughter show. This was a fun 2 hours of Cape Breton music and humour. Emma even got up and danced.

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