Edie and John's Summer Tour 2007 travel blog

Driving thru Oak Creek Canyon

High country above the canyon

Nearing Sedona

One of the gardens where we had lunch

Edie with a bronze Elk .

Bronze Mustang

Glass agave sculpture.

View from the airport.

Red rock formation.

Back home

Today we drove to Sedona. It's a pretty town among some of the most amazing rock formations you will ever see. Most of them are red. The trip there from Flagstaff is on Rt 89 which passes thru the Oak Creek Canyon, and drops over 2000 feet. It was just 68 miles from our park here.

We got there a little before noon, stopped at a visitor center to ask about viewing the rocks, and getting some lunch. The attendant recommended a small Spanish architecture mall across the street. It had open courtyards, gardens, sculptures shops and restaurants.

He had suggested we try Rene's Restaurant. We did and it was very good. White tablecloths, good china and excellent service. The food was good too.

We strolled around the shops and gardens after lunch. It was much more enjoyable than the main drag, which is packed with tourists. Then we drove to the airport, where there is an overlook from which you can see all of Sedona and most of the surrounding formations. The airport is about 1000 feet above the town and has one runway on a flat topped hill. I flew in there a number of years ago on my way back home from Sacramento with Tom and Celia. We took some pictures there and then headed back down to go to the Red rock park. From there we headed back into town and back up thru Oak Creek Canyon to home here at the Meteor Crater Park.

The wind blows here all the time and it was pretty cool when we got here. It is dark now, and the moon is out overhead, while off to the northeast there is some lightning. It's so far away that you can't hear the thunder. There are very few lights around here, so you can see things in the sky very clearly. Also get a view of the trucks going by on the interstate about a half mile away. A peaceful spot.

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