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Longest Natural Rock Reef in the World, North Cape, PEI

North Cape Lighthouse

Immature Common Eider Duck

Today, we took the North Coastal Drive from the most westerly lighthouse on PEI to the North Cape Lighthouse, which as you may have guessed is the most northerly lighthouse. It is interesting because it is the location where the Strait of Northumberland meets the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The lighthouse is located on cliffs overlooking the water alongside of a windmill "farm" with about thirty large windmills. There is plenty of wind to power them as well.

We then drove east and are staying along the Bay of Malpeque at Historic Green Park provincial park. There is a shipbuilding museum and home here. Today there was a car show.

The sites are wooded and not very level. The mosquitos are horrible and it is hot and humid. But we do have internet service so there is something good about the location.

The island so far is pretty much the same no matter where we have gone; Farmland, water and lighthouses. It is more prosperous looking than New Brunswick was. The farms here are clean looking and there is little junk about. The fields go right up to the shorelines - even though the shorelines themselves are cliffs or capes above the water. There are draft horses that harvest this seaweed that they make into many different things. Didn't see any at work but did see some beautiful Clydesdale-like horses.

The island is not very populated either - except in the cities and we have not actually gone into any of them. We may get to Charlottetown but are not sure. It is difficult to find a place to leave the RV while we drive into a big town and manuevering the RV in the big towns is not an easy thing.

Tomorrow, we hope to go kayaking if the weather is ok and if the bugs aren't too bad.

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