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Whata ya say whata ya know,

Boy has it rained the last week or so. Seem like every morning we were woke up with thunder and lightling. Fran found a leak on one of our slidouts on the RV, so I had to fix that today. I think it's fixed, we'll see.

Fran went up town today to do some shoppping. While she was down town she saw that the town was putting in the flood gates. There are four and it cost thousands of $$$$ to complete the task. She took some pictures with her camera, so as soon as I get them I'll post them. So all of this means we will see the Old Mississippi rise up. The last time I saw it get high was in 2001, it almost made it to the top of the levie. I hope to go down town town in the morniing and see what I can see....

Just briefly I told you we were in S. Dakota a while back? We saw everything there. Mt. Rushmore, Chief Crazy Horse, took a train ride, ever went up to the space needle rocks "real neat". Then we went to the wild life park, if you've never been you should go. There are lots of different animals, I had a donkey take a Red Vine out of my mouth.

To top it all off, in the part where the bears are, we stopped to look at some that were real close. Fran said don't stop, but you know us guys we have to be brave. When I stopped one of the bears started licking the bugs off of the front of the truck. I guess he thought it was candy, because when he got to the right fender he took a bit. MMMMM tasty.

Well thats only a small part of our manny experiences on the road as an RV'er.

We will be going home to Tenn. for a few day, can't wait for that trip.

GTG to bed Catch ya later

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