Edie and John's Summer Tour 2007 travel blog

Route 64 heading for south village.

Our first view at Mather point.

The camp a mile down , by the river.

Fat guy looking for a handout

My favorite picture of the day

Three people in peril

Part of the burn

Bad visibility..smoke

Nice view with varied light

We took a day trip to grand canyon, in the Malibu. It was a pretty long day, but enjoyable. It was a circular trip from Flagstaff up rt.180 and 64 to the south rim village. We looked at the view, got a couple pictures, and went to the Yavapai lodge to get some lunch. The food was excellent..Of course the concessionare is Fred Harvey, and they have been doing food since 1906. We toured the gift shop and general store and then took off for a tour of the east rim on rt.64. We stopped at the first overlook and that was the last one we could get into for about 15 miles, because they were doing a managed burn between the road and the rim. We did single file traffic all that time and the overlooks were all closed.

I was able to get a picture of the reason that a book entitled " Death in the Canyon" (or s0mething like that) was published. There are three people in that picture out on the very tip of a point, and one is a child. The other two apparently are adult idiots. We saw other people at various points going places a mountain goat wouldn't go.

The canyon itself is beyond description. I'm sure you could look at the same spot 3 hours in a row, and see different images as the light and cloud cover changes. Once we got past the burn area we were able to stop at one more overlook and see some more of the beautiful views.

We proceeded on rt 64, through a thunderstorm that dropped huge raindrops on us and some fairly small hail stones, to rt 89 and stopped at the Cameron Trading post, which is close to the intersection. It has been at that location forever apparently. We were in Navajo country, then. Saw that on the side of a police car at the intersection where a car had gone in the ditch. 89 took us back to Flagstaff and I-40 to back home.

It was a long trip, but well worth it, thru all kinds of landscapes and terrain, up above 8000 feet then back to 5000. It is wonderful country. We were able to see the RV park from 8 miles away going down 40..because it has the only trees in the area. At some points we could see the road ahead 6 or 7 miles away. Tomorrow planning another side trip.

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