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Waiting for the bus in Fronteras

Ah here it is

Las Torres Guest House

an older building surrounded by newer, larger hotels

We are surrounded by big hotels


Brightly coloured buses everywhere

McDonald's drive-through Guatemalan style

and delivery



Captain Juan and are in Guatamala City or "the city" as they say in Guatamala. We are trying to either replace our hard drive for the laptop, which is broken, or the entire laptop. Until that time there we are unable to post pics or video to the website. Hopefully we will be back online before long.


We have a new laptop. YES! We finally found an English model after walking the streets for hours and at a good price. It was quite a challenge purchasing it entirely in Spanish but we managed.

Guatamala City is totally different than any of the places we have been in the country so far. It has a population of about 3 million people, so about the size of Toronto. It sprawls out in all directions, made up of various zonas. We are at Las Torres Guest House in Zona 10. It is a lovely area, with large, fancy hotels. Las Torres is a much older building, so old that it seems that the other buildings have built up around it.

The first room that they showed us had no windows and the door didn't lock. It felt like a little jail cell so we asked for un otro cuarto, con una ventana (with a window!).

We are surrounded by expensive stores, big hotels and fancy restaurants but within walking distance there isn't much that we can't find. We had lunch at McDonalds today.

"The City" as they all call it here, is where people from all over Central America come to shop and do business. The climate up here in the highlands is totally different from the Rio Dulce. It is refreshingly cool and we have yet to see a single person on the streets in shorts. Most are wearing long sleeves and jackets. I can't believe that I am saying this but it is so nice to have cooler weather for a change. The humidity and heat in the Rio Dulce is stifling and constant.

We left the marina by launcha yesterday morning at 7 a.m and caught a 7:45 a.m. bus which arrived in the city around 2:30. The fare was $50 quetzals each (or about $7 each) The taxi to the hotel was another 50 Q including tip and the room is only $25/night, including free internet, not in our room but downstairs.

We are hoping to head a little further west to Antigua in tomorrow to spend a few days there. It was the capital of Guatamala before Guatamala City and is a much more beautiful, scenic city, one of the top tourist attractions in the country.

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