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What a day we had yesterday! Marilyn and I had our morning coffee while listening to the thunder and the rain pounding on the roof. It let up before we went to work but I took my rain jacket with me as I walked over to the office. I was leading tours to Cameron Cave all day and I didn't want to walk in the rain without any rain gear.

We had tourists for all four tours yesterday and we provided trash bags to a few of them who had no other protection from the rain.

I enjoyed visiting with folks from California, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Illinois.

There were certainly a lot of bats in the cave and they were quite active. Most of the folks do pretty well but some are frightened of the bats and they tend to let out little screams when one of the bats appears out of the darkness, missing the person by inches as the bat flies toward a quieter, darker place in the cave.

I had planned to prepare dinner for Marilyn last night. I went to the store to pick up some shrimp to add to my pasta sauce, and rented a couple of movies. No hassle this time. :) Marilyn had to help out at work at the last minute and our pasta dinner was put on hold until tonight.

We have been looking at campgrounds to stay in near Eureka Springs (Wanderlust)and in Hot Springs, (Cloud Nine) Arkansas. Marilyn has done well in selecting them and we could go ahead and make the reservations if we only knew what date we were leaving for sure.

We have some things to get done, but we will have a few days off after tomorrow and get started on our preparations to leave for the winter.

We have also begun to make some plans for a trip out west next summer. Of course, we will have a new grandchild at that time so any plans we might make are subject to change.

We are so tired of the heat and humidity here, and are ready for the dry heat once again.

Life is so good and we can't wait to see our friends along the way as we travel this wonderful country. We are just about to get back to doing the things which made us decide to become full-time RVers in the first place.

Marilyn has ground the coffee beans and has coffee on, so I had better stop my rambling and join her. I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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