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Went into town on part of the original 66

The sign on the street

On the corner

On the coner closer

The mural...notice the Eagle in the upper left window

A girl,Oh Lord, in a flat bed Ford, lookin back at me

After we left the crater, we stopped by the coach to take Lady a walk, make sure she had water and food, then headed east on 40 to Winslow. Other than being mentioned in the song, "Route 66" along with all the other towns, it really made the map, due to a few lines in the song "Take it Easy" done by the Eagles. They state that a guy,with nothing to do, was standin' on a corner in Winslow, Arizona, when a gal came by in a flat bed Ford, etc. If you type in Take it easy on google you can get the lyrics. That was apparently back in the 70's. There now is a statue of a young man, in 70's garb, with a guitar, standing on a corner in Winslow, with a full size mural of a building on a wall behind him in an area designated as "Standing on the Corner Park". It's a fun place to get your picture taken with your best girl, and I did.

Across the street is the "Old Trails Museum", that portrays a lot of Winslow's real history.We spent at least an hour in there. It is hosted by a very friendly lady and is free, but will take contributions. Also a couple of gift shops that capitalize on the Standing theme. We picked up a CD that is the best selling album that the Eagles ever had, and the first song on it is,, guess what. In the gift shop where we bought the album, there is a Diebold vault in the wall. The building was originally a bank and a jewelry store, and was built in 1904. Presumably the vault was installed at that time. There are a lot of old buildings in the downtown area, and you can just imagine the activity that was there when Route 66 went thru town and there was no interstate.

The road was the first paved road that went from Chicago to the west coast, ending in Santa Monica. We have seen a number of segments of it along interstate 40, but today we actually drove on one in Winslow. COOL!!

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