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Flowerpot Rocks - Low tide

Flowerpot Rocks - Low Tide

Next day - Tide coming in

Tide Coming In

August 23rd and 24th

Today was the first "WOW" day. First, Bob, Dixie and I took a three mile hike up a challenging trail to a lookout along the Fundy National Park coast at Matthew's Head. The weather was lovely - not too hot or cold. The trail was steep, narrow with tree-root obstacles but the forest smelled like Christmas; balsam firs. At every open spot, there were wild roses that were incredibly fragrant climbing into the trees and thickets of wild raspberries.

Next, we drove to Hopewell Cape - site of the famous Flowerpot Rocks or Rocher en pots de fleurs. Somehow it sounds so much nicer in French. Big time WOW!!!! The tide was out and all of these gigantic sandstone columns were exposed on the beach. There were fissures and caves and holes carved by the constant tidal surges. It is impossible to show how big these columns were although there is some perspective in the photos.

This is definitely worth seeing. The visitors' center was quite nice and there was ample RV parking - although we were in the truck.

August 24th - we were heading up to the Shediac area today and so, stopped again to see the Flowerpot Rocks while there was water around them. The tide was not high yet but you can see the difference between the photos taken one day at low tide and the next. I put both sets on this entry so you could see how the water does rise almost 45 feet every day to cover the entire bottoms of the columns. Unfortunately, we couldn't stay to wait out the high tide and as you can probably see from the photos, it was pouring rain. We put our gortex pants and jackets on and hiked the path down to the rocks. Bob waited at the top of the steps leading to the beach, but I had the camera and obviously, there was no way I was going to miss the opportunity.

We both got soaked but there is a definite advantage to having a dryer in the coach.

We drove through Moncton (site of the Tidal Bore) and on to Shediac, New Brunswick on the north coast of New Brunswick. Tomorrow we are heading over the Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island.

We are staying at Parlee Beach provincial park - but it is raining so hard, it is difficult to see anything. We drove back (in the truck) to Moncton to see the tidal bore but stopped for dinner at this neat restaurant called Pisces on Main Street in Moncton and since it was raining and we were drinking a bottle of wine along with a lovely dinner, we decided to skip the "bore".

Well, gotta clean the RV yet again - especially since there are wet towels everywhere.

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