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OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG !!!!!!!!! THE OTHER DAY A kitten follwed us back to our camper van from a water fall and we fed it milk and stuff it was only like 6 inches long, and it was like wicked cute and it was falling asleep with us and since it loved us so much the next day when we went tp the waterfall again it stayed there at our moter home and when when we were at the waterfall we haerd meowing from a tree so we went to the tree and there was anothere kitten there so i climbed on robbies back and got it down. we named them possum and squrrel posse for short cuz he follewd us everywhere we went even home. but then we had to bring then to the shelter cuz we couldnt bring then BOTH with us and they were brother and sister so we couldnt seperate them i was like hysterical i was soooooooooooooooo sad! i rlly like cats. i can see myself when i am like 80 knitting and i have like 50 cats around me. lol we also couldnt bring them cuz we are going backpacking soon for 5 days in the mountains and we cant jusat leave them there. O YA AND THE WATERFALL WAS AMAZING!! anyways today we went out on theis boat to go swim with dolphins and they even had babies, it was like wicked cool. well i guess thats it for nowe o ya i am in new zealand. o ya AND WE ARE ALSO GETTING SMALL TATOOS!!!! iam sooo exited i am gettin a small one on my back. i miss you email me.



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