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Agana Bay from the Hotel Santa Fe

Tumon (at a safe distance) from the Hotel Santa Fe

There was a brief stopover at the Honolulu airport, which was a surprisingly small and simple terminal. But it had a really nice club area for Continental President's Club members. We then reboarded the same plane for the continuation of Continental #1 to Guam.

I was met at the airport by Professor Matheny, chair of the political science program, and his Vietnamese-born wife, and whisked away in the dark to a buffet dinner at one of the fancy resort hotels, with a local entrepreneur. I had a few anxious moments because my checked luggage consisted of three cardboard boxes in addition to the suitcase, but everything arrived in good shape. In fact, the only thing broken was in the suitcase...the glass on a framed watercolor of Frankfurt for my office.

After dinner, I was dropped off at the alleged boutique hotel (i.e., small) known as the Santa Fe. It actually was a convenient place, in the mostly residential neighborhood known as Tamuning, located between the resort strip of Tumon and the tiny "downtown" area of Agana-Agana Heights-Maite. It was easy walking distance to a grocery store and to several inexpensive restaurants, which is good because the only cooking facility in the room was a little device to boil water. The Hotel Santa Fe, my home for the next two weeks, had a nice pool and good-sized rooms, but nothing worked dependably. I've christened it the Hotel Sometimes There's Hot Water, and it should advertise its ice machines on every floor (the one on the 4th floor actually works most days; the others never do).

The best part of the hotel was the view. I've attached two views from little balcony attached to my room. The view with the island is Agana can walk to the island through the shallow water. The other view is looking toward the Las Vegas style hotel strip area of Tumon; the big pyramidial structure is one of the hotels.

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