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One of the Bridges of Madison County

Imes Bridge

Imes Bridge

We left Omaha and headed to Iowa to look for the Bridges of Madison County. Today we decided to leave the interstates behind. Iowa is actually surprisingly scenic with its rolling hills of ethanol (oh, I mean, corn) and soy that go as far as the eyes can see.

These bridges reside in western Iowa and are near the birthplace of John Wayne (Winchester, IA). We were searching for the bridges and the birthplace (which we never found) but we were finding that looking for sites while towing a 30 foot trailer is really not an easy feat. Many times the roads to the bridges pointed down dirt roads which we were not willing to take the camper down.

As were just about to give up on finding a bridge, we found one right off the back road we were traveling on (and only traveling on as a mistake as we weren't really sure where we were going at that time). We parked the trailer and had some lunch before we read the history of the bridges.

These bridges were expensive to build for those times (I think the Imes Bridge cost $1900 to construct). But the expense to build it was made up by the longlasting nature of the timbers the roof of the bridge covered. These bridges ultimately had to be moved off the roads as roads were made wider and cars were bigger. So now these bridges sit off the road and are only historical monuments. Sadly, many people apparently believe these bridges to be their own writing tablets where they can mark their names or who they loved or their favorite quotes.

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