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After the success of Christmas in July, which was not only the busiest time at camp, but probably my favourite 2 weeks we had another 1 week session. This session was 'Survivor week' so each cabin had a colour and a name, our colour was Purple so we were the Purple People Eaters! We had decorated torches which could be stolen by another cabin, or 'tribe' and then we were challenged to regain our torch.

Our torch was stolen on the Tuesday by Cabin 5 because we had forgotten to keep hold of it during Arts and Crafts. Our challenge was to find a gold medallion in a paddling pool filled with foam. We won, and then Anneka pushed me into the pool of foam as she didn't like losing! This started a foam fight between the counsellors!

We ended up being voted out fairly early on but everyone still had fun. It was my first time in a large cabin, so we had 7 campers between the 3 of us (me, Karen and Martin).

On Saturday 4th August, a lot of people went on a day trip to New York, but me, Karen, Bec, Grant and Ema stayed at camp whilst Anneka, Leah and Martin visited Brittany and Chris (Brittany was Performing Arts Instructor and Chris worked in the kitchen). We had gone out to Gail's (Sports and Games Instructor) the night before and had some drinks so we didn't go out until the afternoon. I got my hair cut, Bec got her legs waxed then we went shopping in Walmart and then biked back to camp. We ordered Pizza and watched Ace Ventura during which I fell asleep! But it was a good day.

For the last 2 week session starting on the 5th I was in Cabin 9 with Charlotte and Rebecca with 7 campers, another cabin of men. This 2 weeks was 'International' week, every day was a different country depending on where the counsellors were from. England was on the first Monday, we played a game of Football, English style! I actually played even though I've never played before in my life really!

Tuesday was Poland day, and we played volleyball but due to the heatwave we played it in the pool which was fun and then in the evening we played games like Blind Man's Buff.

Wednesday was my day off and the hottest day of the year, but I just relaxed around camp with Tom and Martin, watching DVD's. In the evening I went to see Ratatouille at the cinema.

Thursday was Sweden, played floor hockey and had a dog show. Then Friday was Scotland so we learnt some Scottish dancing. The Saturday was Special Olympics, Sunday was New Zealand day so I helped Rebecca with Poi making. Monday was Czech Republic day and Secret Pal started because we had enjoyed Secret Santa so much we did the same thing again, my Secret Pal I was buying for was Ella, Terri's 17month old baby!

Then Tuesday was Holland Day where we played some games organised by Ema and in the evening the fire trucks came. They turn the hoses on and we can run around underneath them which is so much fun, so me, Bec, Charlotte and a couple of our campers were under there as well as a lot of other counsellors.

Wednesday was USA day so we did Camper Carwash and then had a carnival in the evening, where I was running the Wheel of Chance which was fun. I love helping out at the carnival and giving out prizes.

Thursday was French day and Andrea took us on a 'Tour de France' and then in the evening we had an International Dinner and Dance, anyone who wanted to could make a traditional dish from their country. Shepherds pie was the English dish! Then there was Pavlova and Polish Sausage in Sauerkraut and loads more that I can't now remember.

Then it was the last day. Which was bittersweet. It was nice to realise that it was the end of looking after campers, but it was sad as it sank in that we would all be leaving soon. I went round to Cassie's in the evening with Anneka (Cassie is the Lifeguard Supervisor) and we watched Pretty Woman, but I fell asleep as I was so tired! Still it was nice to see an American house.

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