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Good morning to all of you loyal readers. Thank you for checking in. Night before last, we had a series of strong thunderstorms roll through here and when I tried to get on the internet yesterday morning, there was no service.

Jeff who works here was standing outside the maintenance shed with a cup of coffee so I grabbed him and we set out to fix the wi-fi problem. Both of us agreed that all we had to do was reset the modem. Initially that didn't fix the problem but when Jeff crawled under the desk he discovered that the power strip circuit breaker was popped. Once he reset the breaker everytning became normal again. But it was time for me to go to work.

So, today I'll report on yesterdays activities as well as letting you know what happened on Monday.

Monday: The Monday morning breakfast with Harold & Dallas was called off because Harold was gone to Chicago to watch the Cardinals play the Cubs. Dallas was having concrete poured at his place so no get together for breakfst was in order.

I drove to the RV dealer and picked up my new rock guard for the truck. It is ugly and doesn't appear worth the cost but if it does the job of keeping mud, dirt and rocks off the front of our 5th wheel as we travel down the road, all is good. I'll let you know.

I then drove to the Ford dealer here in Hannibal. They installed a new tonneau bed cover for me. This one looks really nice and fits great.

After that I returned the two DVDs and picked up my $20 deposit. :)

I stopped to buy a few groceries on the way home, grilled some boneless pork chops with the raspberry chipotle sauce for dinner, and relaxed under the awning until the heat and humidity became too much for us.

Tuesday: I have already mentioned the storms which rolled through during the night. It rained buckets on us and everything was wet in the morning.

I didn't have any tourists waiting for the 10:00 AM tour, so Jeff & I went through the cave by ourselves. Jeff is learning the cave in case he needs to come in for a rescue sometime. He is an EMT on the fire department in his other job.

At 12 noon I had a family of four and gave them a tour. We had a good time. At 1:30 and at 3:00 PM there were only two people for each tour. Boy, now that school has started around here, business is slow. Only the one big holiday remaining and then the season is pretty much over for Cameron Cave.

The Mark Twain cave is open all year and stays busy no matter what, although the groups are smaller than during the vacation time.

We saw a lot of bats in the cave and Marilyn wants to go with me today, to take pictures of the bats. So I suspect that you will be treated to photographs of bats on my blog tomorrow or the next day.

As soon as I finished that last tour, I clocked out, walked home and grabbed Marilyn to go to the hospital. Good friends of ours, Larry & Sarah are with Sarah's dad who is critically ill and we wanted to see if we could do anything for them during this sad vigil.

We stopped on the way home to fill the van with gasoline and to purchase a pizza for dinner.

We settled down for the evening to watch tv and went to bed a bit after 10:00 PM.

We slept well and are up and ready for a good day today.

You know me. I just can't wait to see what this day has in store....

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