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Kayaking in Luang Prbang was pretty cool, although I have to say my arms are feeling it today!

We woke up in the morning and met our kayaking group for departure...found out that it was only going to be Graham, me, our guide, and one other lady...turns out it was this lady who has been somewhat of a stalker since we met her in the CHiang Mai airport....I was scrunched over at the time dealing with post poisoning, and Matt was the one who spoke with her...ever since, we've seen her everywhere! We predict she is in her early 60's , she grew upin cali and moved to india where she is living now! She's really big on the whole "America is a terrible country and does terrible things to other countries" thing. We understood her point, but she became pretty annoying after the third intense topic was brought up about our environment! I'm all for clean air lady, but give it a rest and enjoy the day!

Anyways, We kayaked to a really cool waterfall where we took a lot of cheesy pics, then kayaked again to an area where we sayt and ate lunch....Veggie fried rice...what else is new??? This time our guide mixed it up a little and brought us some pineapple! The day was a lot of fun, but i have to hand it to Graham, I basically gave up rowing with about an hour to go...he brought us home! We both managed to get incerdibly tan/burnt though...thank you anti malarya pills!!!

For dinner, we decided to walk around town a bit and see what we had not yet seen of what so far is my favoroite town of Luang Prabang! We stumbled upon a cooking school where we were abloe to order our meal. the restaurant was really pretty with the colonial style wood decor thast remains throughout the town. We had three dished. otwo veggie dishes, and finished it off with banana.chocolate crepes....matt made me follow him to the kitchen with our camera so i could take a picture of him personally thanking the chef for the BEST meal he has EVER had! It was really good! Little did we know the chef would be a 15 yr old tiny Lao Girl!

Today, we hopped on a bus to Vang Vien,also known as the backpackers ghetto, and we arrived at our river front hostel ($14 /night) around 4:00. We walked around town a bit - really small laid back town, and found that every single bar is playing re-runs of FRIENDS's absolutely hilarious! SO of course we sat down,. grabbed a couple of lao beers and watched two episodes ourselves befor ecoming to the internet cafe!

Tomorrow we plan to tube down the river and be lazy for the day! We will be here for two mor edays and then on the 25th, we will take a bus to Vientiane (capital of Laos) and catch a flight to Hanoi, Vietnam!

HOpe all are well! OH, and a big shout out to Lisette! HAPPY 23rd b-day!!!


Graham and Phil

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