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West Quoddy Lighthouse - Maine

Easternmost point of US

We got up, packed up and left for Campobello Island in New Brunswick. On the way, we went to the East Quoddy Head lighthouse outside of Lubec, Maine. The lighthouse is located on the Easternmost point of the U.S.. Of course, Dixie had to take a dump on the Easternmost point of the U.S. but....the lighthouse is a horizontally red-striped structure that is very quaint - built in 1858.

Last year this time, we were at the Westernmost point of the U.S. in Alaska.

We are staying at Herring Cove Provincial Park which is a really really nice park. The sites are very large; even those in the trees. We are in Site 19 and back up to a nice woods. There is a firepit and 30 amp electric but no water. They have faucets about though and the ranger assured us that their water is tested monthly by the Department of Health. On the way in, we went through Lubec Maine to the Canadian Customs on the island. They are "holding" Bob's shotgun because they say there are no predatory animals and it is not hunting season so....no use for one. Not a big deal.

We hiked the path down to the beach and also walked all around this lovely campground. There is a couple here who is traveling with three Merle Aussies. Herring Cove Park also has a nine hole golf course and from the campground, it is a 1.3 mile hike to Roosevelt's "cottage" along the Adams Estate route. We plan to do that tomorrow.

The first thing we saw when we drove to Herring Cove itself was a beautiful bald eagle flying overhead no doubt looking for herring.

The lighthouse, West Quoddy Head, is at the very tip of the island. At sunset, we drove to the lighthouse through some charming villages that are on a narrow peninsula of land. On one side is the ocean and on the other, a series of coves, bays and other bodies of water. The lighthouse is really neat. It is white but with a red cross up the side. The light itself is red. When the tide goes out, you can walk down these steep steps, walk across the land left by the receding tide, and climb up the steps to the lighthouse. Of course, the tide rises very quickly so there is a limited window for walking across. Tomorrow perhaps....

The sunset was magnificent. I'm sure the pictures will not do it justice but what an incredibly beautiful sight - with the lighthouse illuminated by the setting sun. The little town on the way to the lighthouse, Wilson's Beach, was also bathed in the most incredible golden glow and I got a nice photo of the Masonic Lodge perched on the top of a hill overlooking the harbor.

It is cold - I don't care what Bob says. It is about 53 degrees now and going down. But the sky is crystal clear and there are millions of stars. We have no TV or internet access here - it is nice. Tomorrow, golf and some kayaking we think - depending on the currents and winds.

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