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Llama with a very long coat

Fiona with baby alpaca

Marcel with baby llama

Sacred Valley

Cuy - Roast guinea pig anyone?

Climbing up Ollantaytambo

View of the fortress (spot the face)

Sacred Valley

Today we went on a tour to the Cusco sacred valley. This meant another early start and then off by bus, first to a farm for Alpacas & Llamas & then on to the village of Pisac, a busy market town.

Here we has lunch, did a little bit of shopping (mostly alpaca jumpers for the Inca trail). We did get some nifty little bottle holders, 2 for 1 pound.

Then in the afternoon we went along the valley to Urubamba and on to the town of Ollantaytambo.

Ollantaytambo is dominated by steep terraces that are built up the mountainside and guard the Inca temple at the top. The stones used to build the terraces, fortress and temple came from a quarry 6km away on the other side of the valley. Somehow they managed to lug the things all the way. We climbed up the stones...our guide thinks this is a good preparation for the Inca Trail... We were all knackered needless to say.

Then back in the town we were shown a clever little water channel built for the Inca priests to wash in. The water can be made to waterfall or trickle at the swipe of a finger. Seems though that only Phil and Marcel could get it to work, the girls failed miserably...

Back to Cusco...

Rest day tomorrow and then the Inca trail...arrrrgh

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