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Traverse City is another picture perfect Great Lake town. Every time we think we've seen "the most perfect town" -- we find another that also fits the description. Traverse City sits on sparkling Lake Michigan. There is a peninsula that divides Traverse Bay into East and West. Our friends, Leon and Monica live on the peninsula overlooking E Traverse Bay. What a treat to see them again. Leon's schedule was such that we decided to ditch the golf idea -- and got right into barhopping -- and dinner. Monica was a real sweetheart -- and a trooper , the next day. We had a real adventure trying to get our handicapped sticker for the car, and she ran us all around town getting the job done. Thanks to her, we can now park in the handicapped zones -- it really helps!

The real laugh is that we had to have a Michigan Dr. sign a form saying we could have one. We finally went to an Urgent Care Clinic, and got the required signature. I asked the lady at the Sec. of State (our DMV) why it had to be a Michigan Dr. as the stickers are good in any state -- she had no good explanation for that!

After our hard work, we needed a break -- and wanted to see their house. Monica ushered us to their lovely location, and gorgeous home -- and whipped open one of Leon's bottles of Scotch from his 50th birthday last weekend. Another nice evening was shared with the bottle of Scotch and good conversation. We hope to link up with them again in Florida in January -- hopefully I'll be back in fine shape by then!

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