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A building sliding down the hill on trail

Map of the trail - Yellow marks accident

Sue and Tom waiting for the others

Views from the trail

At 8 a.m. we were off on another ATV trip. Carmen and Warren (the couple who bought the lot next to Tom and Debbie) were joining us today. We drove to the trailhead at St. Elmo where we began our adventure on the Tin Cup Trail. The trail started out on a dirt road which turned into a boulder ridden trail up to Hancock Pass. At the beginning of the trail we saw a deer and her two fawns. The ride through the forest of Aspens was beautiful.

We made it to within a couple hundred yards of Hancock Pass when Warren suddenly drove off the path and down an embankment. Unfortunately, Warren landed on his shoulder and was in great pain. His ATV went further down the embankment and was stopped by a bunch of willows. Debbie was fast to turn off the ATV and put on the brake so it did not plunge on down a cliff. Fortunately, there were a lot of other people that stopped to help. One of the bikers was a nurse and checked out Warren's injury. His arm was put in a sling and a couple driving a Jeep drove him back to their car.

Tom was able to maneuver his ATV down close enough to wench Warren's ATV up the embankment. Miraculously there was no damage to the ATV. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for Tom's knee. With the help of many people on the trail, Warren made it back to the car and Carmen drove him to the hospital and his ATV was safely retrieved and driven back to the trailhead.

Carmen called Debbie later to let us know that Warren was in surgery where he had three screws put in his shoulder. To add to the disaster, Carmen and Warren had a flat tire on the way to the hospital.

We eventually stopped to have lunch around 3 p.m. and tried to relax after such a nerve racking day. We are looking forward to riding the Tin Cup Trail another time and were thankful that Warren's injuries were not any more serious than they were.

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