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Hi ya'll

I did not fell well the last couple of day, so sorry I didn't do the journal. I have been in the Rock Shop the last week and the last couple of days, we were dead, nobody..

I noticed the humming birds have been comming around our RV. I had taken the feeders down, because of the squarels ? can't spell. My spell check is at work (Fran), so bear with me ha ha. Anyways, I put one back up and they are back big time. I might put the wild bird feeders up again. I love to watch them.

It has been a lot cooler here lately, plus a little rain. Man we needed the break. It was just to hot. I like it when the temp is around 75 degrees.

We will be going home to Tenn. on the 28th. We will make sure our home is still OK. We have our friends next door watching it for us. We also have an alarm, from CA you know.

I also have a couple of apppointments at the VA in Nashville. One is to get my C-PAP machine check. I think that is what sent me to hospital a while back. It malfungioned. I woke up my friends around me that night. Ambalance n all. Ok now thou...

I can't wait to head back home for the winter again. One more busy weekend and then it gets real slow. Not look forward to that. We live in Paris in the winter. Tenn that is. Ha Ha... Our oldest son Joe lives there with our two youngest grand kids. We have about 14 or so. Lost count. We will most likely make a trip to Calif. to visit everyone there. Man I can't wait.

We hope to go to Springfield, ILL. soon to see the Lincoln Library. Should be a fun trip. Also want to see the house on the rock up in Mich I think, Fran knows. We will be doing that after this next big holiday. Labor Day will be our last big hooray here. The camp grounds is already booked. We should have a lot of people going through the cave.

Well I,m going to take a nap before Fran gets home, so catch ya later.

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