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Yesterday we dressed for church after having our morning coffee. After church we hurried home to change clothes because Jennifer & Steve were dropping by. We wanted to discuss the time share condo we own and make sure the kids understood all of the aspects of ownership. Of course, the conversation got sidetracked and many things were left out of the conversation, but we have decided to give the timeshare to the kids. We don't need it and we hope that the kids could take the grandchildren on a trip each year while keeping the cost down, if they owned it. There are still more things to talk about but we'll start the ball rolling to give that property to the kids.

Jennifer wasn't feeling well while here and the kids left to do some grocery shopping before going home, so Marilyn and I decided to take the truck out for some excersize.

We drove over to the Clarence Cannon Dam and Mark Twain Lake. A friend of ours owns six acres on a hilltop, and has his motorhome parked there while he builds a home. It is a beautiful spot and we enjoyed relaxing under an awning with a nice breeze and good conversation.

On the way back home we stopped to buy some groceries ourselves and, while Marilyn shopped for groceries, I decided to walk next door to a video store to rent a couple of movies for us to watch.

One more thing about being a full-time RVer, it is sometimes difficult to do the simplest things. Renting a movie became an ordeal. Of course, to rent a video, you must join their "club".

"You want to join? No problem, I just need to see some ID". (Pause while I show my ID) "Oh, but you don't live here".

No, I am a full-time RVer.

"Oh"! "Where do you live"?

Here's my ID.

She stares at my driver's license. "You live in South Dakota"?

NO, South Dakota is just my home base. (I love to mess with their minds sometimes)

"Where do you live"?

Right now I live at the Mark Twain Cave Campground.

"You live in a campground"?


Long pause.....

"Uh, do you know anyone who has a membership with us"?

Yes, my daughter, Jennifer Jones used to rent movies from you. (She now looks intently at her computer).

"Hmmm, I don't see her listed here".

Look, I lived in Monroe City for over 20 years, am now retired, and live in an RV. All I want to do is rent a video for one night.

"Well, you could leave a deposit for the videos, I suppose".

That is fine with me.

"OK, Do you have a phone"?

Yes, the number is..... (She writes down the phone number and then stares at it for a moment)

"That isn't a local number".

That's right, I use a cell phone.

"Do you have a real phone"?

That is a real phone. I live in an RV.

"OK, I guess I can put that number down. What is it again"? (She has it written on a scrap of paper in front of her, but I give her the number again)

By now she has a sheet of paper, obviously an application to join the club, and is filling it out with the name, address, phone, etc.

Suddenly she goes back to her computer and says "Oh, Jennifer Dray is a member. Is that your daughter"?

Yes, she is married now and her last name is Jones.

"OK, I can rent you the videos, but I just need a twenty dollar deposit. Is that ok"?

Yes. (Notice how patient I am) :)

Looking in my wallet, I discovered that I had only a $100 dollar bill and one $1 bill. I offer her the $100 bill.

"I don't think we have change for that. Do you have anything smaller"?

Only a $1 bill, but I do have a credit card. (I smile my best smile)

"OK, we take those".

I paid a $20 deposit for the two videos and left to go get Marilyn. She had been pacing the aisles in the store waiting for me to return. The grocery store gladly accepted my $100 bill and we headed home. We put the groceries away, grabbed a bite to eat and settled down to watch a couple of movies. After that, it was time to go to bed and read for awhile before dropping off to sleep.

Society just isn't prepared for people who live in any unconventional lifestyle. I'm sure all of you full-timers have similar stories you could tell. It is a funny life sometimes. :)

Oh man, we are so anxious to get back on the road, but today I have a lot to do. One thing for sure, I will return the videos and get my $20 deposit back. :)

As Howard wrote in a recent rv-dreams journal entry, Life is a dance and we are dancing. It just isn't always to a tune we recognize. Time to get going, my friends. I do hope all of you have a wonderful day. As for me, I just can't wait to see what this day has in store......

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