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Yesterday we had our coffee indoors even though it was a nice morning. After a shower and getting dressed for a day in the cave, Marilyn and I went for a walk around the campground. It was so peaceful and quiet, with only the sounds of the birds singing their morning greetings, to break the stillness.

We walked by a camper and observed a guy cooking breakfast for his family, as his little daughter watched from the open door of the camper. She still had her pj's on and was rubbing the sleep from her eyes, but the aroma of bacon being cooked outdoors seemed to be enough to get her out of bed.

As we continued down the road, we saw another guy spltting some wood for the campfire he had started. It was blazing away and looked so nice.

Soon after returning to our RV, I headed toward the office, but stopped to speak with Al & Linda. We are going to go out to dinner with them on Wednesday evening. I finally had to walk the final 150 feet or so, to the office. That was when the peaceful morning ended and the chaos began.

A bus came in and dropped off a large group of Japanese tourists. They were all college kids and they enjoyed my tour, but the humor and history I try to add in my narrative fell flat. They just looked at me with polite grins and I knew they didn't understand much of what I was saying.

As soon as I came out of the cave, I was informed that the other guide didn't show up this morning due to a dentist appointment someone forgot about. So I went right back into the cave with another large group. When we finished that tour, I was still the only guide available so I went right back in again. Thankfully, there were four guides on duty by the time I finished that tour, so I had time to sit down and have a bite of lunch.

I had another tour waiting after a twenty minute lunch break and when I finished that one I saw Marilyn trying to handle a long line of people at the gift shop, while others were asking me if there was anyone working in the fudge shop, and Susie had people lined up from the ticket counter all the way out the door.

We were sure glad to see that day draw to a close. We were too tired to prepare a meal and had made the decision to go out for dinner when the phone rang. It was our friends, Steve & Cathy asking us to go eat with them.

We met Steve & Cathy at Sawyers Creek and had a wonderful meal. Marilyn had shrimp while I enjoyed the fried catfish, with salad, baked potato and cauliflower with cheese sauce.

After dinner we visited with our friends for awhile but soon headed back to the RV.

We just crashed for the night. I was in bed immediately and was asleep before Marilyn came to bed. I awoke during the night, long enough to realize that it was raining outside, but fell right back to sleep.

This morning I feel as if I have been run over. I am still tired and have sore muscles. I'll bet that after our coffee I'll be good to go again! :)

Here comes the coffee. Have to go. Hope all of you have a good day. As for me, I can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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