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Hello everyone, hope all is well in sunny UK and Sydney! The weather here is still very hot but should start cooling down at the moment. Also we get rid of the bloody Italians at the end of the month, they flock here in their thousands during the month of August, all the Marinas and they are a real pain, although got to say they have some very attractive women. They are really loud and down right ignorant, when we have customers lining up to get in a Marina they will come steaming past and try to pinch the spot, the Croatians hate them but are happy to take their money though!! Most of my time over the last couple of weeks as been taken up trying to catch a bloody rat/mouse which as taken residence on one of the boats. It was on one of the French families boats last week and was eating everything, including a mans shirt and a surfboard. Despite our best efforts we didn't catch it and now it has moved boats. We had to move the family into a hotel and I stripped the boat in an effort to try and find the little bugger, but it couldn't be found. I set the traps that night and sat in waiting, now the only trap we were given was glue which you set a ring on a piece of cardboard and some bait in the middle. Well this one ate the bait and got out of the glue so I sat up al night trying to catch the git. I was lying in the front bunk waiting for some action looking up at the star when the little b**ard appeared on the deck and looked down at me through the hatch. He was effectively sticking 2 fingers up at me and laughing in my face. We then got some mechanical traps but he just ate all the bait off them without setting them off. Anyway it seems like he has won the war and I have had to admit defeat despite 27 years of military training to a mouse, because Sunsail have agreed to swap the boats and it is getting changed over tonight. We are heroes at the moment with one of the families as the other day one families daughter was on their friend's yacht when she fell through the hatch and had a nasty accident. Max and Debs took the boat with the girl to hospital with her Dad which meant I had to take his yacht with the rest of his family on board to our next destination. It was really good because the wife is from Bradford and they invited me on board last night for a curry and a few drinks, the curry was excellent not had one since I have been out here. We had the wine tasting night the other night when a married woman came on to me really strongly, it was really embarrassing she kept moving up to me grabbing my knee and everything else she could get hold off, apparently I was practically climbing the walls to get away from her. She was really scary, she is built like a Russian shot putter and mad as a bag of frogs. I tried to fend her off by telling her that her husband was only a short distance away, but she pointed out that he didn't mind; I'm sure he doesn't because it means he doesn't have to shag her. Fortunately I managed to avoid getting raped and abused by this woman, it was really funny the next day she wasn't to be seen anywhere. Anyway bye for now, please drop the odd e-mail, there is s erious lack of them. Gary

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