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Dr Joseph Nash McDowell

We here it is Saturday. I could not sleep last night. Had some bad dreams, I haven't had them very much any more. Last night was one of those nights.

I'm not sure what I will be doing today at the MTC Complex. I hope it's guiding, a little tired of the rock shop. We have fun with some of the people we take through the cave. We always have to tell them about a Doctor that put his daughters body in the cave. His name was Joseph Nash McDowell he was the first owner of the cave. He bought the cave in 1849. He was a surgen an scientist from St Louis, MO. He was on the edge of going crazy. One of his experements was to see if he could turn a dead body into rock. When he bought the cave, he asked the people from Hannibal if they would release a dead loved one for his experment. He did not get any volnteers. So, he had to go back to St. Louis disappointed. While he was there working on other experments, his daughter of 14 years, got sick with nephonmia (spelling?). He took her body into the cave and placed it into a copper cylender that was lined with glass. Then he covered her up with an alcohol salution, Then covered the cylender with a glass lid.

He left her in the cave for two years trying to turn into rock. He put an iron gate on the enterance, so no could get into the cave. The people from Hannibal found out about her being in the cave and got upset about it. They thought their kid might find a way in and didn't want their kid playing with girls body, so they ask Dr McDowell to take out. Now when he finally took her out he found out he found out that didn't turn her into rock, but she was very well preserved, just like the day he had put her in the cave. No rotting at all. It was not cold or wet enough tp petrfie her body. He wanted the same experiment done to hisself in Mamoth Cave in KY, but his family didn't think it was right, so it never took place. He and his daughter are in the family tomb in St Louis, MO. Look it up. Just Google Joseph Nash McDowell. He was really crazy! See the picture that was done with candel smoke. It is on the cealing close to where he placed his daughters body.

Well, got to ready for work, so catch ya later...

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