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Only 16 days left to work. Then we will be free to enjoy our lifestyle the way we want to, again. What did we learn while being work-campers for the summer?

We learned that we can learn new things. We enjoyed the people we worked with, and by far, the majority of the public we met while working here. We learned that we enjoy our freedom more than the extra income generated by working. We also know that we can save money if we ever need to do this again. We earned enough to pay for our cruise to Alaska and to pay for our four month stay at Llano Grande RV resort in Mercedes, TX this winter.

By the time we figured the free campsite with all utilities, in addition to our salary, we earned $10.00 per hour for working as a guide. I don't even figure in Marilyn's money because she keeps it for herself, as spending money, and it doesn't go into the kitty for any of our expenses.

However, we also learned that we miss our total freedom so very much. We have seen a few of our relatives who live in northeast Missouri, but others, we haven't had time to see yet. We also have not seen many of our friends who live within a 50 mile radius.

I miss having time to do some of the things I enjoy such as washing and waxing the truck and car. Both need my attention.

Marilyn and I haven't taken time to go hiking or to visit places we would normally go see if we had the time to do so.

The end result of our work-camping experience is that it has been good for us financially, but we do not plan to do it again. We simply enjoy having our freedom, more than making extra money.

Yesterday we had our morning coffee and then got ready for work. I made a phone call to a friend to let him know that we could not join them for a trip to Colorado, because we have other friends coming to visit us at that same time frame.

I led three tours of Cameron Cave yesterday. There were no tourists signed up for the 12 noon tour. That was great because Patty & John cooked up some great Italian food and brought it in for all of the staff to enjoy. It was a farewell lunch for the college kids who work here during the summer. They are wonderful young people and we have enjoyed working with them.

We saw many bats in the cave yesterday. Marilyn wants to go on a tour with me so that she can get some pictures of the bats. Not much time left. :) We have been asked to come back next year, to work here again, but declined the job. :)

Well folks, Marilyn has a cup of coffee waiting for me so I had better finish this up. Take care my friends. I can't wait to see what this day has in store......

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