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Yesterday was a good day. Marilyn and I had our morning coffee and then went for a walk. Each of us were scheduled to work from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Since we had plenty of time to get ready for work we walked up to the highway and back and then walked around the campground, looking at sites we might like to camp on.

I got a shower, dressed and headed for work while Marilyn continued to putter around the RV. She did arrive right at 10:00 AM, while I still go in early as has been my habit for years.

I was leading tours of Mark Twain cave yesterday which was fine because right after our walk it began to storm and just poured rain. Poor Jamie was the Cameron guide and had to walk up the hill in the rain, to reach the entrance.

After I gave one tour, more guides arrived for work and we had more guides than tourists, so I suggested that I could just go home for the day. I needed to get a haircut and go to the bank, etc.

I changed clothing and headed for the barbershop. Our paychecks weren't ready yet, so I ended up making two trips to town.

When I returned to the RV, I answered e-mails and sorted clothing to donate to charity. I had been informed that we were not going to haul all of this clothing around. Hmmmm? Marilyn has about 75% of the available closet space for her clothing, but she did come up with 3 bags of clothing to give away, while I had only one. That works out just right doesn't it? :)

Marilyn got off work a little early as well and we spent a nice evening together. She had prepared a really good spaghetti dish called spaghetti amore, which is one of Linda's recipes. (See rv-dreams.com for more recipes)

I watched the St Louis Cardinals on tv and dropped off to sleep with the redbirds leading by 6 runs in the ninth inning. (They won 8-0)

This morning the weather took a turn for the better, with cooler temperatures forecast all day. We can use that!

I am back in Cameron Cave today so it will be fun. Our time for working is rapidly drawing to a close and we are going to get busy after that.

We will be heading to Kansas City and then down to Arkansas soon after my class reunion which is September 22nd. We hope to be in Arkansas around Oct 1st.

Well, it is coffee time so I had better get going. I just can't wait to see what this day has in store....

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