Two months in Mexico travel blog

leather pieces made with wood burner and acrylic paint. Right side is...

wooden lizard, jewelry and other goodies

two pottery pieces that are reproductions of the Jaina figures I bought...

wooden jaguar head

wooden jaguar head

wooden jaguar head

wooden feathered serpent

wooden feathered serpent

two wooden plaques, on left the good luck god and the other...

same plaques, carved wood

spotted chiickens, carved jaguar, stone vase, pottery dishes, feather picture, picking chickens

stone plaques, blue knotted belt, beaded necklace, turquoise braclet, key chains

another shot of goodies

statues of Jania figures, turquoise and obsidian turtle, spotted lizard crochet ball,...

spotted chickens and lizards

chicken pickers, bowls with bonmapak figures, beaded necklace, stone plaque

spotted chicken and stone vase, lizard tail

pottery figure reproduction of jaina figure by Roger Juarez

second figure pottery reproduction of the Jaina figures by Roger Juarez from...

Arriving home at last:

I arrived home on the 8th. After Linda picked me up from the bus in Houston I spent the night at her place and filled her in on some of the details. We had a gourmet dinner at Long John Silvers. I had shrimp, cold slaw, corn on cob and a frozen A&W root beer. The next morning she drove me home. I unpacked my stuff and showed her all the goodies I bought. I was glad all my treasures came through without any broken parts. I also took pictures of my treasure trove. I didn't include pictures of the T-shirts or outfits or the 40 pieces of bark paper. Doesn't seem like much, but I had them wrapped in the 15 tee shirts and the 6 outfits I bought. I had them well protected to withstand the baggage handling on the rough ride home. Boy, was I glad the customs officer didn't have to open any bags. He would have never found all the stuff the way it was packed. 'Thank you', again to the plastic Jesus on the dash of the taxi. It is going to take a few days to get back into the groove so enjoy the rest of the pictures of my treasures. Later I will make the final entry. Gay

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