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Marilyn and I had our morning coffee indoors with a map in front of me, talking about the routing to the valley when we leave here, and what we wanted to see along the way.

We have to begin by visiting our RV dealer in Liberty, MO to have a few items repaired on the RV. We have a bad switch on the fireplace, which I have mentioned before, and one of our day/night shades needs to be repaired. There are a few minor things in addition to those two items but it won't take them long. Liberty RV does a great job and they get us in and out as quickly as possible.

Once we leave Liberty RV, we plan to make our way down to Carthage, MO to stay a couple of nights at the Precious Moments campground. We also plan to visit Eureka Springs, Arkansas and Hot Springs along the way.

After leaving the Hot Springs area, we don't have any particular route in mind, but we will arrive at Llano Grande RV Resort in Mercedes, TX on Oct 15th.

So far, that is the extent of our planning for our trip, once we leave here.

Our work-camping experience will end after Labor Day weekend, and we have decided not to do this again. We lose too much of our freedom by being work-campers. At least the 40 hour week thing will not happen again. Marilyn has threatened my life if I promise someone to do that again. :)

We sure look forward to seeing our friends again. We have friends and relatives to see before we leave this area, and some friends to see along the way as we travel south. Then when we arrive at Llano Grande, we will be joined by other friends in November and December.

We know that we will have to fly back to Missouri in early December, to celebrate a combination of holidays and events. We will celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, Jen & Steve's 1st anniversary, and have a baby shower.

Of course we have decided to bring the RV when we return to Missouri in late February, for the birth of our first grandchild. We will stay at the Cozy C campground near Bowling Green, MO, because they are open all year. Once the Mark Twain Cave campground opens in April, we will move back here.

Well, that is the plan for now. It seems that things can always change as events unfold, but we do have a plan, even though it is incomplete.

Marilyn is up this morning, getting coffee ready, and cleaning in the kitchen, so I had better get going. Both of us are working today.

It is supposed to be storming today and then be cooler for a few days. HOORAY!!

At least I am leading tours in Mark Twain Cave today and won't be walking up that hill to Cameron Cave, in the rain, carrying lanterns. :)

Oh Boy, I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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