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Henry and his new friend Truman

Salmon at the Russian River Falls

The "stairs" (the green structure) at the falls

Looking up river from the pools

The rocks that the salmon swim up

Our Alaska friends, Bonnie, Claudia, Joe, and Tim

Fishing from the shore with his best friend

Fishing from a float boat with his best friend

The ferry at the Russian River, powered only by the current. The...

Combat salmon fishing

A two seater phone station

Two Texans get ready to "float" - cool outfits

Our float guide

River view

River view

River views

Eagle nest

River views

River views

River views

The Kenai River is about half way between Homer and Seward and is our last stop in southern Alaska. We parked near Cooper Landing and our goal was to see bears catching salmon and to take a float trip town the Kenai River.

Well, we hiked to the rock "stairs" and saw the fish but no bears. A few people that were ahead of us told us they had just seen a black bear on the path but none fishing. We hiked down to the Russian River Falls. The Russian River is the line between the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and the Chugach National Forest. At the Falls the poor salmon are trying to swim up an impossibly steep waterfall from a small pool and bears know it's an easy meal. A salmon stair has been built to help the salmon on their trip as you can see in some of the pictures. We didn't see it happen but a few salmon managed to swim up the falls! It was exciting because we were sure we'd see a bear at any moment. But we didn't.

We did much better with our second goal. We floated about 10 miles down the aqua- colored, glacier-fed river to where it merges with the clear water of the Russian River. The trip took about 2 hours and was everything we hoped it would be. We saw hundreds of fisherpeople combat fishing along the banks and we saw some bald eagles and huge eagles nests. And more snow covered mountains took our breath away. See the pictures.

Some friends we had met back in Fairbanks and then again in Homer were in Cooper Landing when we were and we met for dinner and fun. They are the two couples who "babysat" with Henry when we spent a day at Denali.

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