The Petryk's Round-The-World Adventure 2007/2008 travel blog

Signoretti Glass Factory on Murano

The Master Glass Maker and the furnaces

The Master Glass Maker rolling out the glass

The Master Glass Maker blowing "hot air"

The Master Glass Maker shaping a vase

A finished vase

View of Venizia from Murano (1)

View of Venizia from Murano (2)

Back in Venizia at the Gondoliers parking lot

The Grande Canal in Venizia

This morning we had the opportunity to travel to the neighboring island of Murano, famous for its glass. We were transported by water taxi and it is interesting how there are "streets" in the water and how the boats follow specific markers that stick up out of the water showing the way and the posted speed limit. It was also interesting to note that we later saw a "speed trap" set up on the Grande Canal operated by the local would seem they too have their quotas of speeders to catch to generate funds for the coffers as well. While on Murano we visited the Signoretti Glass Factory and they gave us a demonstration of glass blowing and made a vase and then made a horse figurine and then a pitcher before taking us thru the eight room showroom, hoping that we might purchase something and of course at a special price and shipping anywhere in the world was "no problem". The showrooms did have many beautiful pieces.......vases and statues and sets of wine glasses and modern pieces as well. There were even huge chandeliers although, you would have to design your whole house around some of them.......and the prices, well let's just say they weren't exactly cheap. We returned to Venice and wandered thru many shops looking at Murano glass necklaces and beads.....we probably made our way thru thirty or so shops and each one had different pieces.....Barb couldn't decide on any specific pieces and so we wound up not purchasing any. We noted that the prices in the shops in Venice seemed to be lower than those right at the factory...... interesting how that works......We made our way over to the famed Harry's Bar, where the bellini was created. We wanted to sample one, but unfortunately, there was a dress code......we could have lunch in the restaurant while wearing shorts however, I was required to wear trousers in the bar......go figure. We continued on our way and had a bellini at the Rialto Hotel instead. It may have not been exactly the same but it was a cold drink none-the-less and Harry's loss was the Rialto's gain. We returned to our room and shortly thereafter it began to sprinkle which then turned into a Venice needed more water. Later that evening we went out to Ostaria al Veccio Pazzo for dinner, a spot recommended by the manager at Antiche Figure. The food was fantastic and as we ate, the female owner of the restaurant ate her evening meal at the table next to ours, a plate full of mussels and baby clams; she seemed to be a very nice person and a lot friendlier than a number of the waitstaff that we've encountered. After she finished her meal and before she went about assisting the rest of the restaurant staff, she got out two bowls to feed her kitty cat who was free to roam about the restaurant and no-one seemed to mind. When Barb's calamari arrived he made his way over to our table hoping to get a handout. After dinner we walked in the was nice and refreshing....Ciao for now.

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