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Along the old Main Street

One of our favorite places

Jennifer resting

Gazebo in the downtown area

Wow, it is hot! The temperature hit 100 yesterday and when you combine that with high humidity, it is no fun.

Marilyn & I had our morning coffee and then I got ready to go give tours while Marilyn planned her day of relaxation. :)

Marilyn & I are now planning to make our way toward the Rio Grande Valley via Arkansas. The weather should be pretty good in late September and in October, with the leaves changing colors, etc. There are some beautiful places to visit in Arkansas and Marilyn has never been there, except to one place in the extreme northwest part of the state.

When I went in to work yesterday, I discovered that I had 17 people for the 10:00 AM tour. They were three families, but all were together having a great vacation. I knew as soon as I met them, that we would have a good time on the tour. We enjoyed each others company all the way up to the cave and then enjoyed the tour, laughing much of the way.

The second tour, at 12 noon had nine people and they were also fun. Then at 1:30 PM I had only two young college guys from Pennsylvania. They were good guys and had a good time, but asked no questions and the tour went pretty fast.

The final tour of the day was a young mother with her two daughters, one in third grade and one in sixth grade. The youngest talked constantly, was cute as a button, and had a wonderful time. We all enjoyed the tour and they helped me carry the lanterns down the hill to the ticket counter once the tour was over.

Jennifer came into town and she and Marilyn had some fun yesterday. Jennifer still doesn't feel very good. We sure will be happy when she gets over this morning sickness.

Marilyn took some pictures of downtown Hannibal yesterday and I may post some pictures.

Well, Marilyn just poured a cup of coffee for me so I had better get off of here. I am looking forward to the day today. You know me, I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.......

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