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AKL Airport - on our takeoff to Kerikeri

An impartial message from your Air NZ team

Nice view - but the weather is changing

Our little Dash 8

Can you believe that Duncan is a sister city to Keri Keri

Seems they have more cows now than sheep

Darren with one of the new hotel guests - Lambit

The morning after our arrival - This is where we're having a...

Freshly uprooted trees

The world's largest Kauri tree - 700-900 years old

Would you believe it was a Category 3 hurricane outside at this...

Welcome to New Zealand. Jacqui is very much at home - but on the other side of the world! The plane from Auckland to KeriKeri was larger than planned (50 seat prop instead of 19) so we didn't have too jerky a trip. The views were great but the weather worsened as we headed up North. The plane carried 9 passengers and the airport is a hut building. The luggage carrousel is a wee cart which basically comprised our bags, three others and a dog cage. We wandered around the town which is really sweet. Everyone we have spoken to within 24 hrs either has a connection with BC or with Scotland.

We then headed out to our accommodation at Kauri. It is absolutely beautiful. The golf course looks amazing and Darren is already rueing the fact that he didn't schlep his golf shoes round the world - for 1 course! It is a New Zealand style Ballathie House and everyone is so so friendly. There is a wee lamb here called Lambette. She was rescued during a recent storm and brought here as she couldn't get to her mummy for milk. Good timing really...who would want to be out in this weather. Thankfully we had actually booked this for some R & R as the weather steadily worsened and within an hour we could no longer see the bay. We are in a hurricane! It is amazing. We are literally confined to our accommodation. The winds are blowing a gale and the rain is horizontal. Darren claims he has never seen such a storm. The wind is just howling so loud around the cabin and you barely hear yourself think. We are cosying up to the fire.

Strange thing is that one of the servers is Scottish and so we all had a wee blether. And we thought that we would get some time to relax! The General Manager gave us a great property tour. The property is over 6,000 acres including farmland, golf course, 3 beaches. The property also holds the oldest known Kauri tree - 900 years. During this weather, the lodge seems to be only about eating. Dinner, Breakfast, lunch - Then it was time to eat again! To keep the 6 guests entertained, the lodge decided to put on a wine tasting. The excuse was that some suppliers had sent samples to try to see if they would go on the wine list - with this tasting - we were given Then we were given yummy nibbles - great for us that the sommelier is French! Finally we were off to the pool and Jacuzzi. What a relaxing time.

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