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First view of the snow capped volcanoes from above Turangi. Ruepeho erupted...

Trying not to be hit by passing snowboarders..but one offer to take...

lunch stop on way back to SH1 from Whakapapa. the ski resort

The morning was glorious sunshine again... although cold as the SE wind was blowing.

We had our first view of the snow capped volcanoes of the Taupo region. They were beautiful and very inviting so we drove up through Whakapapa village right up to where they were skiing at the foot of the volcano...which last erupted in 1991

After walking around in the snow for a while watching the skiers and snow boarders we then started our drive south to Wellington where we had to go to catch the ferry across the Cook Strait to the south island.

We decided to drive 100km along the SH3 to Wanganui on the west coast for our evening stop rather than round the SH1. It was a lovely drive but hard work for the driver (Terry) as it was very windy following a very meandering river. The road also had alot of hazards from recent storm damage like fallen rocks and land slips into the river bed leaving only half the road!...but the scenery was very interesting. The hills were clay sharp hills with a maze of little streams cutting through them in very v-shaped young valleys. I guess the soil is the earth that had been erupted from the crater that formed Lake Taupo and had fallen onto the whole area and so was very soft and still quite young(in geological terms!)and unstable.

Arriving in the dark at the next campsite was not easy but we managed without any arguments!

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