Alaska 2007 travel blog

Today we did not plan for an early start since we spent a late night getting the web site updated last night. At about 10:00 we decided to change the badly worn tire on the truck. The plan was to just put the spare tire on. The truck was jacked up and the spare tire out from under the truck. The lug nuts were then removed. Now you would think we had it made. Well it did not go that way. No matter what we tried we could not get the wheel off the hub. Gave up and restored the lug nuts. Decided to go into town and let a tire dealer deal with the problem. I don't know what they did but it was not a problem for them. Oh well that is the way it goes some times. It is reassuring that we now have good tread on all tires again. The gravel roads have been really hard on the rear tires on the truck. I should explain the other rear tire has 15,000 fewer miles on it because it was replaced a year ago.

Since it was now well after noon we decided that we really were not interested in packing up and moving. I guess we are getting a little burned out on being tourists.

We found a Petco and gave Aggie a badly need bath. You can not believe how dirty she was from all the dust in the campgrounds. She now looks really nice and smells great.

The plan is to move on down the road in the morning to Billings.

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