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It was another hot, humid day filled with sunshine, and not much of a breeze. How did we ever live in this area during all of those summers. When I was a kid, I went to school only about 60 miles north of here. I can remember sleeping at night, on the floor, right next to the screen, with the door left open all night. That small town life was so good, though.

Marilyn and I had our coffee indoors and then I took a shower and dressed for work. We set the recorder to record the PGA Championship golf match, and went to work.

I had large groups for most of the day, and I led tours to Cameron Cave all day.

Jen & Steve arrived just in time to join us for a tour at 1:30 PM. Tom & Becky (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer) joined us also, as they had never been in the Cameron Cave. Tom & Becky are very special young people and they had three adult chaperones who also joined the tour. Jennifer has such sharp eyesight. She spotted several little bats asleep in small holes or high up on the wall of the cave. That delighted the tourists, who stayed busy taking pictures of the bats.

The 12 noon tour was the first time I have had all adults and no children on a tour. There were several young newly wed couples on the tour, and older adults also. We all laughed and had a wonderful time, with the young newlyweds posing for pictures at different places in the cave. I told those folks that I thought their tour was the most enjoyable tour I had ever led.

When Marilyn and I got off work, we ordered a pizza for delivery, and settled down to watch the golf match. The recorded PGA Championship ended at 9:00 PM and I got ready for bed. Then there was a knock on the door. It was Roy from next door. I had promised to help him with his journal. He has just started a new blog. I'll give you folks that address tomorrow so that you can check in on Roy & Fran.

We are free for the next two days. Whoopee!

If the weather were cooler, I would grill something this evening, but with the near 100 degree heat, I suspect we'll stay indoors.

Marilyn has coffee on so I'll get off of here for now. We have lots to do, but you know me, I can't wait to see what this day has in store.......

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