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sunset tropical island style

Dive map of island

Dive centre

another brilliant sunset

Local kids playing

Lacals dyanamite fishing very loud when ur underwater

Pim looking for pearls

Accomadation right on the beach

Off to Cebu philippines to dive with the sharks (threshers / hammerheads / Manta Rays )

Bit of a journey to get to the island of Malapashcue, 4 or so hrs in a not so reliable taxi and then the bunka boat 45 mins but the diving is worth it.

Fish life and reefs are good, manderin fish on the night dive.

The currents can be strong and we did our first real drift dive here about 2 km

I also did my Nitrox course here.

The shark dives are 20 mts+ at a cleaning station, the sharks in the morning and Mantas in the arvo. I saw 1 shark thresher about 3 mts long and 10 mts away great dive.

The manta dive was so cool, again 22 mts + with a couple of them flying right over us, divers will understand the buzz you get being so close to these magnificient creatures.

Sharks are a deep water animal (normally) so you wont see them unless you go looking for them, and even then your not on the menu, and if they do get hungry, thats what dive buddies are for, get them to volentier first LOL

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