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Keep to the boardwalk or you will scold/burn your legs in the...

One of the most recent craters fomed from a small eruptiion in...

Sunday morning and what a wet night!...felt like the England we left behind. It poured all night and still looked as black as thunder this morning. All the grass around us was under water so we paddled through 1cm water to and fro to the toilet block....... Then.... the sun came out as we left and we had a fabulous walk round yet another thermal wonderland.

It was very different again and was like walking around your own steam room for for over an hour.... quite useful as I have had a stuffed up head from a cold since I arrived!

The area is called the Craters of the Moon and that is what it is.Lots of steamy craters and warnings not to stray off the boardwalk or you will burn your legs. I was surprised to see a pair of Paradise shelduck nesting in the area (obviously enjoying the thermally heated nest!). They were strategically placed on a tuft of grass half way between two fumaroles.

We are now heading south for Turangi around the shores of Lake Taupo that is so large it almost looks like the sea. It must have been a hugh eruption that created the crater to form this lake!

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