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Rainy Main Square

More rain

Wawel Castle




Wawel Courtyard

More Wawel, some sun

Main square drying out

I decided to use Krakow as a gateway into Ukraine and hopefully beyond mainly becasue I managed to get a reasonably cheap and convinient flight with Easyjet, plus having been here before last winter, an easy start to what could be a difficult trip.

The BBC promised me sun, rainmaker Sean changed all of that, it started chucking it down within a few hours of getting here. I can now see wny they are calling Krakow the new Prague, it was beautiful and empty last January, it was beautiful and bursting at the seams in August.

I had other matters to attent to though so my first port of call was the friendly railway booking office in the town centre - which closed as I arrived there. No problem, I wakled back to the main station to book my train there, after queueing for 15 minutes I was sent to the correct counter, doh, it did have "International Trains" written in English above it. First setback, the train I wanted to catch the next morning to Kiev was full so I had to book for the Sunday, cutting my time down for my intended tight itinerary.

However, this did give me a day to catch parts of the medieval festival going on, lots of dancing in old costumes both in the Main Square and up in Wawel castle, mainly in the rain. I also took the oportunity to catch the first live football games of the season in an Irish bar.

On Sunday afternoon I got to the station minutes before a torrential downpour, the train was nearly an hour late and it was only coming from Wroklaw which didn't bode well for getting into Kiev anywhere near on time.

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