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We had our morning coffee indoors once again. Sigh... We are needing some cooler weather for sure. We both worked yesterday. Marilyn was in the fudge shop and I led tours of Cameron Cave. All four tours were well attended, but the noon tour was unusual in that I had only two people signed up. Don announced the tour right at 12 noon and all at once the door opened and a large group came in, all wanting to go to Cameron Cave. I ended up with 24 people on that tour, so I had to scramble to get more lanterns ready, collect tickets, and get the group up the hill. Some asked if the cave had bathrooms, then scurried off to the bathroom when I answered "No". It was like herding cats trying to get everyone up the trail to the entrance.

They all turned out to be good folks and everyone had a good time. We saw lots of bats, some flying around us and others just sleeping on the walls of the cave.

The last tour returned to the gift shop carrying lanterns for me, right at 4:30 PM. Then I had to return the key, turn the radios off and put them in the charger, then plug in all the lanterns to charge up overnight. Then I clocked out, went back to say hello to Marilyn and walked home to the RV.

I retrieved a cold tea from the fridge and turned on the tv to check on the PGA championship. I was watching Tiger do his thing when Marilyn made it home, so we both sat together watching as Tiger just missed shooting an all time low 62. He ended up with a 63 as his putt rimmed out and he had to tap it in.

Marilyn and I then decided to try sitting outdoors with a cold drink. It was hot and humid with absolutely no breeze at all.

A couple of campers walked by and asked us if we were full-timers. We replied "yes" and they gave us a thumbs up. We asked if they were also full-timers and they said, "Yes, for six years." We invited them to have a seat, which they did. They declined our offer of a cold drink, but sat and visited with us for half an hour or so. Lee and Margie. Very nice people.

When our visitors left, Marilyn and I went back into the air conditioning and watched a DVD about Alaska, while eating a light dinner.

We turned in about 9:30 PM.

This morning we are having coffee and wishing we were headed down the road. Just have to scratch this "hitch itch". Oh well, that day will soon be here. As for now, we will stay the course and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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