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Hangi food after being cooked in an underground oven... delicious

The village scene of the Moari concert

Rotorua is on a large lake, created after a hugh eruption. The edge of the lake at least is warm as warm water seeps through the rocks below and steam rises from the earth round the edge and in the gardens of the houses. It is a very strange sight and smells of hydrogen sulphide (bad eggs ) in certain areas where the steam has come from deep in the earth and leached out some of the mineral from the rocks.

Cycling round the broadwalk and sulphur shores of the lake with hissing vents and bubbling mud was an experience.

The campsite made use of the free hot water and had hot thermal pools to soak in.

In the evening we went to an evening Mauri concert and hangi at Rotorua. The hangi is the way they cook the food in ovens in the earth using the heat from the ground. The food was delicious.

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