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Schoooool's out!!! I have finally finished my classes this week, and with flying colors! My professors both told me I did very well, and said they are very proud of me. Today I am in an internet café, and I do not have much time to write, nor do I have my journal with me. I have written down everything I have done so far, but since I don't have my journal today, I won't be able to describe my travels in much detail in this entry. At least not today..

Last weekend I went to the first Quinceañera I have ever been to, and it was such a sweet and magical celebration. It made me want to have my own, and celebrate it on my 21st birthday instead of my 15th! In fact, that was Imer's cousin's idea! Heehee, wouldn't that be nice. But Quinceañeras are so expensive, it's practically like a wedding, except with a single, 15-year-old girl. lol. Imer's cousin's name is Dyana, she's from Texas, and she actually turned 16 this year, but waited to celebrate until she could come to Mexico where almost all of her family is. Isn't that sweet? I will tell you all about the Quinceañera at a later date, since time is running out for me on this computer. Take care!!

To be continued...

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