Zemi John Madness.....Abomey

The Last King Of Abomey Telling The French To Bugger Off...Didn't Work

Our Trusty Abomey Zemi John Riders..........

Abomey the former heart of the Dahomey empire was our next port of call.Here was an actually place that lived up to what the guide books actually wrote about it.

After my previous rant about being bored sh1tless by the dodgy tours on offer,I actually did a tour that was enjoyable and somewhat informative.Four of us took a tour on the back of zemi johns of the city of Abomey with our guide Janvier.Now he actually new what he was on about which has been a very rare thing for us recently.

The highlight for us all though was the p1ssing about on the backs of the motorbikes,flying through the dusty streets to various sites of the old kingdom and just generally freaking out the local population with the sight of 4 whiteys on the backs of the bikes with big grins on their faces.....

Ahh if only all tours could be this much fun!!!

Again like most of my updates if you really want to find out about some of the places I've mentioned your better doing a search on the net because to be honest I really can't be @rsed writing about it.Mainly because we don't get internet access too often now and even when we get it,its not too reliable.

Nigeria beckons..........

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