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Yesterday I finished up my journal entries and then we had our morning coffee. Jennifer called and she wasn't feeling well so Marilyn spent the day with her. Marilyn suggested she take some medicine for the nausea. But the medicine makes her drowsy so she is still having a rough time with being pregnant.

When I went to work yesterday we had all four tours scheduled and at noon they had 29 people so we divided that into two groups. I took the first group and Christy took the second group.

After doing all four tours of Cameron Cave, I was in the guides lounge and noticed that Roy was hurting a bit so I took his last tour of Mark Twain cave for him. I told Marilyn that we would go out for dinner.

As soon as I got back to the RV, Marilyn and I drove to DaNancy's for dinner. We ordered a tenderloin sandwich with onion rings. Wow, you would not believe the size of that sandwich. One would have fed both of us with plenty left over. I cut the meat in half and then cut more from one half to get it small enough to just fit the bun. We brought the left overs home. There is enough left for our lunch today and maybe for dinner also. Oh yes, the cost of this sandwich with onion rings was $5.95. Quite a bargain, to say the least.

We had a tornado warning yesterday evening. I was in the cave at the time and didn't know anything about it until I got out. Our weather has been so terribly hot and humid. The air conditioning runs constantly, but does a good job of keeping the RV cool.

I go from hot to cool and back to hot all day long. Fun!

I have so many e-mails to answer. I promise to get started on Sunday. I owe letters to many of you and will get caught up this weekend. I also need to schedule the new bed cover installation on the truck. We have to get to Quincy to buy mud flaps for the truck also. I can't decide whether to buy the type which goes all the way across or to buy the normal ones. Suggestions from you experienced folks are welcome.

Well, it is coffee time so I will get going. I can't wait to see what this day has in store....

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