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OK, the term, Cave Party, may indicate more than intended. Once a year, the owners of the caves allow the staff to explore the Mark Twain cave, with flashlights, for a couple of hours. Last night, after hours, a group of us gathered to have some fun in the cave.

We gathered for a group picture outside the 1890 entrance, and then went exploring. Marilyn had only been in the cave once and she really enjoyed it. We went to many different parts of the cave which are not on the tour route. I learned some things about this cave, and was able to see parts of the cave that I had heard about but had never seen.

In some places, we had to squeeze through narrow passage ways and climb or even slide down rocks. We even went to a secret location called the guides lounge. It is so difficult to get to that Marilyn declined to go. It is deep into the cave with narrow, steep passage ways and then the lounge itself is narrow and confined. Not for the faint hearted or anyone who cannot be in a tight space.

All evening, Marilyn had wanted to see a bat and she finally got to see one hanging out on a wall. We had seen several flying but only this one asleep.

I told Marilyn that she would have to tour the Cameron cave with me as we saw 30 or so bats up there yesterday. I like to help people on the tours overcome their fear of bats, and I enjoy showing them as many bats as possible in Cameron Cave.

We had a great time exploring the cave but we had to be out by 10:00 PM. We all stood around talking after we left the cave, and then finally said goodnight and returned to our RV.

There was lightning in the sky to the northwest as we walked back to the RV, and during the night we had a thunderstorm pass through. I don't mind being awakened by the sound of thunder when it is followed by the sound of rain on the roof, and I can go back to sleep. That is wonderful.

Well folks, Marilyn is up and is putting coffee on. I think I'll post a few pictures for you.

You know me, I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.......

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