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sunrise before the storm at Opononi

Mr fixit sorting out the problem of wet clothes when travelling. What...

The campervan is smaller than the caravan so is even tighter for space to put things... it is a learnt skill to survive and enjoy it particularly as our only hanging space is taken up by cases!... mind you they are full of light clothes for Singapore and warmer clothes for the south island so the space is not wasted!

On the whole advantages of being in the campervan outway the disadvantages of lack of space which is becoming a minor problem. Terry's cry of "where is ....?" is deminishing and I have been delegated the task of tidying up everything before setting off after two disasters in the first few days(flask being left out and smashed and water left in a tub spilling out everywhere).

We have got into a rhythm and now feel comfortable as long as only one person is working in the kitchen area or getting up at a time!

The thermostatically controlled electric fan heater has been essential for the cold evenings/nights/ mornings and doubles as a hairdrier! In the van we have 2 gas rings +microwave,electric kettle(gas for on the road), toaster and fridge but are missing a grill. Reorganising the cupboards and where they expected us to put the bedding has created large spaces and clothes etc put in plastic bags to prevent utter chaos is working!

Every space is being used ...even the passenger step for muddy shoes.

The van produces hot water as it goes along and we have a shower and toilet but we have been expanding to use the campsite showers and kitchen for washing up ... but not the campsite loo in the middle of the night...the van loo has has saved many a very cold trip! On the whole we are enjoying the van ... though not so sure if it pours all the time and gets even colder as it will be in the south island!

The standard of the campsites is very high with good large kitchens, laundries, showers and toilets and also often a lounge with a TV if we want to use it. They are also very reasonably priced between £11 -£13 a night for the two of us.

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