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The view at the START of our hike...it only gets better from...

The beginning of the hike...don't I look clean??..trust me..that didn't last long!

And within about 20 mins of hiking we saw lamas! This became...

Me having just made it to the top of our first mountain...

The view we were rewarded with the first time we reached the...

Sun setting just before we reach base camp on day one

Day two reaching our little lagoon (they are everywhere up there!)

Hello lamas! They greated us as we started our downhill hike

Typical bridge in the moutains...and us on day 3 looking much more...

So just to clarify I actually did the Lares trek unlike what it says in the trip dossier. Which I am actually really glad I did! I can't even begin to say how amazing it was!

We spent 3 days hiking through the moutains and the highest altitude we hiked to was 4815m and we came back down again to about 2000m. TO say that the views along the way were stunning would be an understatement. The first day was pretty hard going as we were still getting used to breathing without much oxygen but by day 2 and 3 we had the hang of it! We would see randome kids along the trail and we brought toys for them since most of the time they just play with rocks so this was neat treat to experience. We also saw tons of lamas and alpacs and I have to say that after seeing how cute the alpacs are I felt alittle guilty for my earlier burger!

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