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This is La Catedral in Plazas de Armas in Cusco. The day...

Foutain in the centre of Plaza de Armas

another view of la cathedral

Typical looking streets...they all seem to go up!

Cusco at night

Well I arrived last night in Lima at around 12:30am and was kindly told that i had a lovely wake up call at 3:10am (what the??) Our flight into Cuzco left at 5:30 am so I woke up...had a nice cold shower...I think that the water dripped out of about two holes of the shower head...and went downstairs to meet my group!

We of course ran late for our flight so once again i found myself running for my flight!

Cuzco is an amazing city! There is a strange mixture of tourists from all over the world mixed in with locals in brightly coloured clothes (I especially love the women who all carry their babies on their backs wrapped up in their blackets that wrap around their back)Then you have local school children in their school uniforms. This is all set with a winding background of roaming hills with houses set EVERYWHERE in them and cobbelstone streets that are all very narrow but take you to amazing little shops and restaurants. This afternoon for lunch I tried ¨Hamberguesa de Alpaca¨! It was actually pretty good! (And hey..now when someone says...have you tried alpaca..i can say ¨why yes I have¨!¨ We have also all tried the local cocoa tea which is suposed to help you with altitude sickness. I am definately feeling it right now. My lungs and legs scream if I even walk and up 3 stairs...but it has gotten better as the day goes on and i think i will just be keeping a low profile for the rest of the day since we did a lot of wandering already (did I mention the 2 hours of sleep?)

We went into the Plaza de Armas this morning. It is the centre of the city and in Incan times it was the heart of the Incan capital. In here is La Catedral which was built in 1559 and took over 100 years to build! It was built with rocks that were pilfered from the Saqsaywaman Ican site (side note....that long S word I just wrote actually sounds just like ¨sexy woman¨ when pronounced in spanich...). The cathedral was breathtaking and I just cant describe the amazing painting, carvings and gold/silver monuments that were i the church! (unfortunately no cameras were allowed..so you will just have to come to Cuzco yourself to check that one out!)

We also visited some museums and saw lots of really neat pottery, paintings and jewlery from 800BC on from all sorts of different peruvian tribal cultures.

Ok...my time is up! I am SOOOOO excited to be hear and this place is just amazing and its only goin go get better! I tried to upload photos but it didn't work on this comupter so I will try again later at a different site. I am headed out of town for the next 4 days on our trek to machu pichu so I will write about everything when I get back!

Hope you are all doing well!

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