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Had a great second day in Cusco today! It was nice to get back to our cozy hotel and have a nice warm shower and to get some laundry done! (Now that I am wearing all clean clothes I cant even tell you how good I feel!)

Spent most of the morning just getting laundry done and checking in on people and then sat down by the foutain in the Plaza de Armas to write in my travel journal and read a book before I met up with some new friends for lunch. Here is where the fun started....girls...word of advice...when travelling in Peru by yourslef.....don't look like you are by yourself because you tend to attract a lot of unwanted attention by the local boys (this may be a general rule anywhere...but this was my first experience with it). Nothing bad really...they just all want to sit down and strike up a conversation with you and then they just wont leave! Thankfully I had some old man who was a begger come over (yes I said thankfully) and HE started chatting with me instead. He was HILARIOUS. I was pretty nervous at first figuring this was a scam and that someone else was going to come along and steal my bag while I wasn'tpaying attention..but basically I got a free spanish lesson out of it (well I gave him one sol after he also taught me the ¨secret peruvian handshake¨...which happens to be a lot like an american handshake that you would see on a basketball court! too funny. (mom...just to clarify...this was in the middle of tourist central in the most safe part of town..no I was not wandering around in dark allways by myself! ...love you!)

Anyways..had a great lunch and then checked out the Inca Museum and Qurikancha which if you come to peru you HAVE to see! Its amazing. It used to be the richest temple (inca) covered completely in gold plating with lots of gold statues all around it. THe main Inca temples are still there but the Spanish (not too popular people around here) came and tore the temple down and used the stones to build a cathedral around the old inca temples. (They also stripped the building of all its gold and melted it down into bars.)

This site was supposed to be THE most important Inca temple and the main site for the Incas (ie Machu Picchu was NOT as important as this was....but its a heck of a lot bigger!)

The temple was said to be built in the 15th century and has withstood 3 major earthquakes (the incas created their buildings with angles and structures that could withstand the earthquakes...really increadible)

Between all this I visited some local markets and also had a final dinner and some drinks with the group. We all bravely tried guinie pig..and it wasn't half bad!

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