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Our regatta

We are currently storm bound in a little bay with winds up to 40 knots buffeting us all around, so I thought I would take the opportunity to catch up on m journal. My birthday was pretty uneventful, not because I had no cards to open (thanks all), no just that we were so knackered we ended up having a meal and a reasonably early night. We were in Korcula as well probably the best place to party but there were thunderstorms so we couldn't even enjoy our usual cocktail in the because it is in an old turret so a little too exposed. I had my first attempt this week at quitting my job, suppose it's the second time if you include the RAF. Anyway I gave my notice in on Monday then withdrew it Friday and yet again decided to stay. I had, had enough of Max he is a bit of a lazy git and does bugger all, but we thrashed it out and he promised to change, I doubt he can but we will see. I had to go for my police interview as well last week for my work permit. It's quite funny the bureaucracy really, we had to go to one building to buy the form, then another to get it stamped to which I wasn't allowed entry because I had shorts. Then to the police station to raise a personal file and then have an interview. They ask loads of crap questions like when were my mum and dad born, and the dates I was married, now no bloke is going to know them. Then I was asked if I was a member of a political party or religious organisation, the best one, was I planning to other throw the government? When I replied no, he seemed a little disappointed, just waiting for the day someone says yes, so he can spring into action. . We had another late night rescue operation last night, one of our boats lost his anchorage at night in really high winds, they had to come onto us and raft alongside, a tricky operation in the dark and high winds. The boat in question though has three 18 yr olds on board so they were all stood there in there jim-jams, a very nice sight at 1 am. I had to jump on board to help with the lines and my torch shone straight on one of the girl's cleavage, she must have thought I was a right perv!! I actually got my quad bike ride the other day at the firms expense as well. We had some spares sent out to us and I had to go pick them up from a neighbouring port, so that was my excuse to hire a quad bike (boys toys and all that). Last week we must have had the slowest Regatta ever, when the race started thge wind just died, it was painful to watch. We managed to make a meal and have a swim before the front runners came acros the line in just over a hour, the back markers came in another 45 mind later. It was really funny because Tom (a German) was complainimng about his yacht all week had only got about 300yards away from the start line when the others had finished. Anyway I have managed to rob from one of the kids the Harry Potter book so deep into that now, trying to finish it before he goes back at the weekend, so need to get back to it. Hope all is well with you in blighty. Speak soon Gary

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