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Yesterday we had our usual morning coffee as I finished up the journal entry about the Alaska trip. Then Marilyn left to do some laundry.

The neighbor was having some trouble getting his satellite antenna pointed in the proper direction so I went out to help. I have a satellite finder meter, but we were unable to get any signal from the antenna, no matter how much we searched the sky. I see that they have taken the antenna down now, and are using the antenna for local stations.

I jumped into the shower and had just finished dressing when Marilyn returned with all the laundry.

By this time it was nearly lunch time so we grabbed a bite of lunch and sat down to watch some golf on TV.

With only four holes to play, Tiger Woods had a huge lead and was on the way to another victory. Then came a knock on the door. It was Al, asking if I could possibly come in and help out at the cave. They were swamped again and they needed someone to take a Cameron Cave tour group. I agreed to do it and asked for only five minutes to get ready. The tour group was quite large with 22 people, but they were a good group and we all had an enjoyable time. When the tour was over, I plugged the lanterns in to charge up and returned to the RV.

We are not enjoying this very hot, humid weather, here in Missouri. We can't wait to get to the mountains in Colorado, where at least the humidity is low, and the temps are cooler. Today, our forecast is for 95 degrees with thunderstorms. Wow!

Marilyn and I turned in by 9:30 PM last night and read until we could no longer hold our eyes open. Marilyn gave up a few minutes before I did, but we both slept very well. In fact, she woke me this morning by informing me that it was 6:00 AM and I had better get up if I wanted to get my journal entries done before going in to work.

We need to train someone else for the Cameron Cave, because after this week, I will be the only full time guide available for that cave.

Boy, the sqirrels are busy eating walnuts in the tree outside, they drop them onto the trailer next door and it sounds like a gunshot when they hit the roof. I'm glad we are out of the line of fire. :)

Well, Marilyn is now up and about, getting ready to put coffee on, so I need to get the Alaska entry started and select more pictures to share with you.

We are having a cave party tomorrow night. That should be fun.

As for today, well you know me, I just can't wait to see what this day has in store....

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